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2020 Trends! With 2019 almost ending, we need to start thinking about how to enter the new year in style. Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red.

The colour purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.

Purple is associated with spirituality, the sacred, higher self, passion, third eye, fulfilment, and vitality. Purple helps align oneself with the whole of the universe. Different shades, tints, and hues of purple have different meanings.



Light purple hues represent feminine energy and delicacy, as well as romantic and nostalgic feelings. Dark purple hues evoke feelings of gloom, sadness, and frustration. Bright purple hues suggest riches and royalty.

Purple Shade Upholstery Inspirations

The Davis Sea, located along the coast of East Antarctica, inspired our designers to create DAVIS Armchair. This fully upholstered high-back chair will add character and elegance to any modern interior design thanks to its timeless design. This WARAO Rug completes the look.

2020 Trends - Purple Shades

The ethnicities of the mesmerising Malay Archipelago inspired the creation of MALAY  Armchair, a twist on mid-century modern furniture. This tufted upholstered chair with aged brass legs has a mystical soul that will fulfil your living room set with energy from Nature. The purple gets contrasted with the MANUKA Sidetable.

2020 Trends - Purple Shades

Ibis are beautiful birds known for their long slim legs. Just like IBIS Dining Chair, an elegant seating solution. Upholstered in cotton velvet, this velvet dining chair with an aged brass nailhead trim will be the focal point of any dining room set. Sitting around PLATEAU Dining Table and having the HULI Mirror in the background, helps set the mood for a great dinner conversation.

2020 Trends - Purple Shades

The monolithic statues of Easter Islands, known for Moai or Naoki, were the inspiration behind NOAKI Stool. With a seating in velvet and a base in glossy black lacquer, this distinct contemporary stool is perfect to use as a table stool, living room stool or as a footstool.  The KUMI Mirror completes this entryway look.

2020 Trends - Purple Shades

Sika is a deer specimen rooted in Japan whose strength and elegance inspired SIKA Wingback Sofa. The most distinctive features of this wing sofa are the button detailing on the inner back, the nailhead trim and the brass details of the arms. That’s why SIKA high-back sofa fits a strong living room set.

2020 Trends - Purple Shades

With distinctive branches, elk kelp is a species of algae known for its fascinating beauty. Just like ELK Armchairand its exceptional chair design. Upholstered in cotton velvet and with a base in glossy aged brass and black glossy lacquered, this curved back armchair will add refined elegance to any modern living room set. The looks get complete with the Imperial Snake by Rug’Society and the MANUKA Sidetable.


2020 Trends - Purple Shades

Namib desert is one of the oldest and largest deserts in the world and NAMIB Chair pays tribute to it. This powerful accent chair is upholstered in satin cotton and has legs in high gloss black lacquered, embodying an invigorating strength. It’s the perfect twist on a classic piece that will transform any living room set.

2020 Trends - Purple Shades

Graphic design inspired by the conjugation of light and shadows with different perspectives of reliefs colours. The reference of wood brown shades makes Susy rug by Rug’Society is the perfect Mid-Century piece.

2020 Trends - Purple Shades

The snake symbolises life force, rebirth, renewal, creation, life, sensuality, duality, light, darkness, mystery. SNAKE 8is a representation and homage to the snake for having in the historical past had a very important significance in the culture and religion of antiquities.

2020 Trends - Purple Shades

With a bold graphic design and a creation without limits, we have developed a very coherent collection where we can show through noble materials, graphics and patterns different and unusual. A 100% handmade product that transforms the comfort and beauty of your project, the Rosary Rug by Rug’Society is a perfect choice.


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