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BARO Design From India

BARO Design – Inspiration for your living room

BARO Design is the creative child of Srila Chatterjee and Siddharth Sirohi. In 2014, they began a furniture experiment at the Highlight Films office in the commercial hub of Mumbai. It involved handmade furniture in reclaimed and old teak, largely speaking the mid-century modern language. 
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Baro Design - Parlour
Baro Design – Parlour
A very elegant Classic, that looks formal but feels very comfortable; it has a curved back that makes it much less boxy and allows you to have it in the centre of a room, and the gentle double incline adds superb lumbar support; the curve on the arms and the rows of buttons all add to its beauty. The fluted legs complete the vintage look.
Baro Design - Cleopatra
Baro Design – Cleopatra
Regal, sumptuous, exquisite, the Cleopatra is a rare combination of a commanding presence and comfortable feel. Purple upholstery and a plunging cushiony seat with decorative buttons create an aura of decadence, while the asymmetrical design makes it a visual treat. Minimal splayed legs underscore the splendour.
Baro Design - Orchid
Baro Design – Orchid
Baro’s signature chair. A low recliner with additional lumbar support, its beautiful straight lines give it a simple and airy silhouette. Though it’s a low chair, ample neck and head support make it extremely comfortable to lounge or watch TV in. Wooden arms are sculpted to minimize the visual footprint.
Baro Design - Hibiscus
Baro Design – Hibiscus
A sculpted recliner that allows you to curl up cocoon-like while it supports all your body contours. The silhouette is slim and tall, and it looks beautiful from any angle. It pairs perfectly with its footstool, and the fluted legs complete the classic look.

Best of all – at prices that made sense. The experiment has propelled them to the next step. They have evolved into a brand that has its own identity but draws on the ideas and inspiration that sparked Highlight Living. This is the genesis of BARO.

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The vision: a seamless union of aesthetics, ethics and ergonomics. It is a space for sharpened aesthetics and creative expression, filled with inspiration from near and far. It embodies a philosophy that elevates beauty and design to a predominant position in every aspect of life.

Baro Design - Shamiana
Baro Design – Shamiana
Airy and elegant, the Shamiana is all sweetness and light. A contemporary couch with a strong traditional appeal, the high arms, compact yet comfortable seating, and empty space below the back, contribute to a pleasing lightness. The turquoise fabric is the perfect counterpoint to the intricately embroidered back, with its playful floral print.
Baro Design - Boudoir Double
Baro Design – Boudoir Double
Inspired by Mid Century Modernism, this sofa has a gentle incline that makes for very comfortable lounging. The armless design and the classic fluted legs keep the visual footprint minimal while enhancing the fabric that it is covered in.
Baro Design - Ambrosia
Baro Design – Ambrosia
A very comfortable upright chair with a firm upholstering that supports the back perfectly and makes it very ergonomic; the fluted legs keep it looking-slender and it pairs perfectly with a footstool. When covered in the signature brocade patchwork, its the centre of a room and a piece of art from every angle.
Baro Design - Boudoir
Baro Design – Boudoir
Inspired by Mid Century Modernism, this chair has a gentle incline that makes for very comfortable lounging. The armless design and the classic fluted legs keep the visual footprint minimal while enhancing the fabric that it is covered in.

The furniture collection consists mainly of Siddharth Sirohi’s designs, heavily influenced by the timeless mid-century modern movement, with particular attention to the balance between form and function.

The pieces are manufactured locally, using only reclaimed, weathered teak and an entirely natural linseed oil and beeswax polish. The approach is old school, relying on traditional wood joinery methods, but the result is as timeless as it is contemporary. 

Baro Design - Crescent
Baro Design – Crescent
A Mid Century Modern classic, this beautiful chair has sculpted arms that are a marvel in their finish. It is ergonomic design at its best, the back and seat are curved and so that it adjusts to your posture for maximum comfort. Works perfectly as an occasional chair.
Baro Design - Gimlet
Baro Design – Gimlet
An original Art Deco barstool with the rounded edges and form that add a softness to the stool. The steel supports, the wood detailing, all add to make this stool stand out.
Baro Design - Orchid Footsie
Baro Design – Orchid Footsie
It may be a footstool, but the Orchid is elegant and perfectly turned out. Comfortable seat that peeps out of the base, trendy Ikkat print, sculpted legs – it rasies footsie-ing to a fine art.

Apart from original designs, one can also expect to find pieces of vintage furniture, which are painstakingly restored to an exquisite new form. Whether original pieces or restored classics, BARO Design furniture is a nod to the cherished wabi-sabi aesthetic.

The accent is on the essence of a thing, with all its charms and flaws, rather than cosmetic appeal. When an old piece is restored, it is not to hide its natural ageing, but to celebrate it. And when a new piece is modelled, it is keeping in mind the principles of balance and transience.

Noticeably, the furniture at BARO Design packs in punches of fun with colour. All the paint used on the furniture is Duco and may be changed to order (with the exception of the vintage line). The upholstery is of sundry origin and may be changed on request as well.

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