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LUV Studio‘s idea of luxury is not based on money or extravagance, but rather on the basic joy of living and being surrounded by aesthetic beauty on all levels—a kind of luxury that places more emphasis on inner fulfilment and welfare than on exterior opulence.

Passion to create contemporary projects that focus on excellence.

LUV Studio

LUV Studio Values

They are passionately dedicated to developing cutting-edge initiatives that put an emphasis on excellence, comfort, elegance, and wellbeing. They are based in Barcelona, Madrid, and Ibiza and operate abroad.

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LUV Studio Upholstered Furniture

LUV Studio Knowledge

LUV Studio uses the most recent knowledge to guarantee that our clients’ projects are distinctive from the competition and unique.

LUV Studio Projects

IBIZA VILLA – Ibiza, Spain
living room by LUV Studio with outdoor furniture and decorative element
LUV Studio

Their Mediterranean-inspired projects are built on the basic joy of living, being engulfed in the beauty of simplicity, and a form of luxury that focuses on inner happiness and wellbeing rather than on the external.

bedroom by LUV Studio with wooden furniture
LUV Studio


living room by LUV Studio with beige sofas and round coffee tables
LUV Studio

The apartment, which is on the 38th floor, has been created to optimize and appreciate the amazing panoramic views and Manhattan skyline in a setting of luxury and elegance.

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living room by brabbu with beige sofa

Our NOAKI Stool, which is covered in velvet, adds an extra touch of comfort to this contemporary, neutral living area. This contemporary, neutral living area is lit warmly and comfortably by the AURUM Wall Light and HORUS Glass Suspension.

bedroom by LUV Studio with wooden furniture and white rug
LUV Studio

With meticulous consideration given to the selection of all the materials, finishings, furnishings, and overall décor, their intervention has been focused on applying design criteria to the apartment’s interior spaces and distributions.

CASA DA ROCHA – Algarve, Portugal

bedroom by LUV Studio with gey rug and brown chair
LUV Studio

A sober and elegant décor is provided throughout the entire house with tactile natural materials and creative accents. For the internal and outdoor paved areas, local stones and oak wood have been used, guaranteeing a really cosy sensation.

living room by LUV Studio with white sofa and wooden center table
LUV Studio

Since people want to spend the majority of the summer outdoors enjoying the weather, they frequently improve solutions like completely enclosing all doors and windows in pocket walls, extending interior pavements into the exteriors, and encouraging large indoor/outdoor living, dining, and entertaining areas.

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dining room by Brabbu with black table and white chairs

This hotel’s patio area, which combines classic and modern elements, is evidence that any place can be made comfortable and attractive. Inspired by one of the most iconic structures in the world, the Taj Mahal, the AGRA Dining Table is an astounding show of workmanship and elegance.

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