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QK Contracting Decor is the latest re-modeller you will ever need to call in Doha! They take pride in their work, and it shows in the end product as we are going to show. QK Contracting Decor contractor was devoted to commercial and residential renovation, but the contractor Decoration company has always been more than bricks and mortar. They always knew that this is the best to use in the field and customer service, it is valuing people and building lasting relationships.

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QK Contracting Decor

QK Contracting Decor reputation for excellence in commercial renovation, Multi-Family Residential and has been built over time by their exceptionally talented team. They ensure that each project is not only profitable and well built but exceed customer expectations.

Their customers rely on them to turn their vision into reality. And along the way guide them, understand their goals, watch out for their best interests and help them realize their dreams. QK Contracting Decor can see the possibilities and they can make it happen even under extraordinary conditions. They succeed when their customers are satisfied; it is their duty to ensure that when the day is done their clients are satisfied with the final result.

doha bannerQK Contracting Decor Services

The core value of  QK Contracting Decor is integrity, fairness and excellence are displayed in all actions and at all levels. Time and again, project after project, client after client, their results establish lasting relationships. Their team will oversee the entire project, including all types of false ceilings, wallcoverings, wall panelling, wall painting and special painting effects, all types of flooring, electrical fit-outs, supplying custom joinery and furniture, supplying high-quality fabric and textile and trimming, selecting curtains and fabrics, selecting lighting items & accessories.

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The next photos show some beautiful and luxurious designs by QK Contracting Decor.

bedroom in pink by QK Contracting Decor

This beautiful pink bedroom brings elegance and femininity to the house.

Inspired by the look


Inspired by the look

The bedroom is our special place. It is where we feel more comfortable and at peace, so it is important to keep it away from disturbing influences. A well-designed room is needed to have the rest we deserve. This bedroom employs neutral tones as a way of appealing to our most tranquil side. The browns of the walls go well with the soft mint colour of some of the elements in the room. The Huang Nightstand, with its nature-inspired lines, creates an amazing ambience. With its outside walnut root veneer and with aged brass details, this nightstand makes your room timeless and a haven of comfort.

Closet in neutral colors by QK Contracting Decor

Luxury closet bedroom with a beautiful beige armchair to relax.

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pink headboard by QK Contracting Decor

This is a beautiful headboard for any bed in any room. It brings luxury to your bedroom.

living room with grey armchairs and sofa by QK Contracting Decor

This is a luxury living room with amazing grey armchairs and a sofa. It is simple but elegant.

Inspired by the look

Inspired by the look

Purple and violet tones were once associated with royalty and luxury. Thus, it is quite common for someone who seeks elegance and opulence to want to apply these tones in their home decorating scheme. Even though it can be an eccentric colour, when you add only certain elements it will make your space much more welcome and comfortable. This living room is graced by this shade and it is submerged in luxury. The Otter Ottoman adapts easily to the room and it brings grandiosity and comfort to this amazing living room design!

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bedroom with a pink sofa and a pink bedroom by QK Contracting Decor

Luxury bedroom with neutral colours bringing a calm environment to the bedroom. 


dining room with pink armchairs by QK Contracting Decor

This is an amazing purple dining room. It represents the perfect example of luxury.

Banner trendbook

living room with purple armchair and sofa by QK Contracting Decor

Beautiful living room by QK Contracting Decor with golden details that bring luxury to this room and purple sofas and armchairs, resulting in a classic living room.

Living room in neutral colos with bege sofas by QK Contracting Decor

Classic and luxury living room by QK Contracting Decor with golden and blue details. It is a beautiful design and a perfect inspiration for you.

bedroom with a red bedroom and a red sofa by QK Contracting Decor

This is a design for a master bedroom where QK Contracting Decor chooses red and gold to bring luxury to this room.

Inspired by the look


As we choose a neutral colour, sometimes brown can be extremely overlooked. Even though most think it’s a boring tone, it can actually be incredibly relaxing and stylish. It is a great complementary colour for a mid-century and classic design, as it does not overwhelm when decorated. It is also a colour that works wonders with golden accents, like the Calla Table Lamp that has a very unique shape. This bedroom has a wonderful design, one to make anyone stare in awe, and a design perfect for the Autumn and Winter season.

grey closet in golden details by QK Contracting Decor

Beautiful walk-in closet with golden details resulting in a luxurious design, another perfect design by QK Contracting Decor.

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