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Frame Awards – The Chromotherapy You Need by Shoplifter

By Marta Vieira

Frame Awards is the first and only global interior-design awards with a holistic approach. The Awards identify and honour the world’s best interior projects, and also the people behind them.

Chromo Sapiens 
The Chromotherapy You Need


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Chromo Sapiens is a 360-degree installation that was created by Icelandic artist Shoplifter / Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir for the Icelandic Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Biennale.

She transformed a warehouse in Giudecca into a multi-sensory, deep environment with a dissonant amount of her signature material, synthetic hair. Entering Chromo Sapiens, one can find Primal Opus, a dark passage which emanates volcanic earthy hues, activated by the sub terra sound of the Icelandic cult metal band HAM. The second chamber erupts into a shockingly bright undulation of colored neon hair tufts.

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Aptly named Astral Gloria, her soaring cathedral ceiling and sheer emersion of chromatic opulence generate a kind of euphoric kinetic synesthesia. Opium Natura, the final cave flutters effortlessly into a soft landing of shimmering whites and pale soothing pastels, a fluffy heavenly nest that cradles you into a sense of serenity and sublime gentle bliss.

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What is so novel about it?

Chromo Sapiens is an accessible and unique exhibition, completely immersive and capable of embracing viewers fully. With unique soundscapes, which play in each cave, embroidered together, consequently when walking between the caves one is not able to recognise when one soundscape ends and another begins. It allows for a truly sensory experience, from sight to sound.

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Shoplifter uses colours as colour therapy, also known as Chromotherapy, and believes that the colours penetrate the eye and release dopamine, provoking a good feeling for visitors. The exhibition allows people to withdraw from the real world, and for a moment dwell in an immersive and unique hyper-natural landscape that is completely captivating and otherworldly – worthy of an Alice in Wonderland movie.

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About Frame Awards

The work is judged by all industry stakeholders – interior designers, architects, retail brands, hospitality providers, cultural institutions and educators. The 36 awards are divided in Spatial, Executional, and Societal Awards, covering the entire spectrum of interiors whilst the Honorary Awards celebrate the people behind them.

Frame Awards was established in 1997 and ever since it is the world’s leading media brand for interior design professionals; today it has become a multi-channel platform that empowers interior designers and architects to create spatial excellence.




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