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Upholstery Fabrics Fall Trends for 2020

Find here the Upholstery Fabrics Fall Trends for 2020 and know what to expect this season. Fall colours are great to help you warm up any space and make it cosier. Unsure of what to get? No worries, we will tell you everything you need to know to create the most stunning interior designs of 2020.

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Upholstery Fabrics Fall Trends for 2020

Velvet upholstery fabric is durable and strong, which makes it perfect for upholstering chairs, sofas, benches, and headboards. Velvet is currently on-trend, but it is also a timeless fabric that has a lux look.

Upholstery Fabrics Fall Trends for 2020

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Velvet looks good on almost any piece of furniture and is great for giving a different texture to products. In a delicate season like autumn and winter, upholstery fabrics fall trends like this are certainly the best choices to provide you comfort and a sense of luxury.


Upholstery Fabrics Fall Trends for 2020

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Sateen is one of the most popular and most pleasant types of textile material in general. With its gloss and softer, silkier feel, sateen is a symbol of subtlety and luxury. It is perfect to turn any upholstery into an exclusive and stunning looking piece by including unique patterns and mix of colours.

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Upholstery Fabrics Fall Trends for 2020

Upholstery Fabrics Fall Trends for 2020

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Only a few fabrics can be as long-lasting as leather. Today’s technology allowed manufactures to create synthetic leather and make it accessible to everyone. During this time of the year, it can be used to help you find the perfect balance between comfort and durability while creating a timeless piece. It s a material that is recurrently present in the upholstery fabrics fall trends since it embodies the element of toughness.


Upholstery Fabrics Fall Trends for 2020

Upholstery Fabrics Fall Trends for 2020Discover More

Twill is a versatile fabric weave, one you probably encounter every day, like in your denim jeans. Twill is popular for its durability as well as the ability to hide stains, and it is used for jeans, furniture coverings, bags, and much more. It is a very convenient textile to be used in hospitality projects. It is a must in this upholstery fabrics fall trends for 2020.

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