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Francis Sultana, Eponymous Bright and Colourful Upholstery

Francis Sultana is one of the world’s foremost interior and furniture designers, working across both residential and commercial projects. In 2019 he celebrated the tenth anniversary of his eponymous studio. The atelier studio is based in St James’, London in the same building as David Gill Gallery, of which Sultana is also Artistic Director. In this article, we will talk about the eponymous bright and colourful upholstery by Francis Sultana!

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Francis Sultana

Francis Sultana is the go-to interior designer for international collectors, many of whom have major contemporary art and design collections. Loved for his unique ability to merge the residential requirements of a domestic space with often large-scale visual art, sculpture and installation pieces, his studio is working on projects in the UK and across Europe as well as in China and in the US.

Francis Sultana

Alongside Francis Sultana multiple international interiors projects, his atelier produces annual collections of bespoke and limited edition furniture and textiles under the Francis Sultana brand. Francis designs furniture, lighting and accessories and has created key pieces for important historical interiors such as Spencer House. Francis’s own work is known for his use of noble materials such as bronze, rock crystal and straw marquetry and bespoke fabrics. The studio strives to support artisanal skills and techniques from around the UK and Europe throughout its work.

Francis Sultana – Blue Salon

Colours make Francis Sultana happy in winter or summer. Contemporary art by Michel Angelo Pistoletto brings a surge of energy and vibrance to my Blue Salon along with a Mattia Bonetti hand-tufted wool and silk rug.

Francis Sultana – Morning Light

Francis Sultana – Valletta

Francis Sultana – Delighted English

Truly delighted to be able to meet family and friends indoors again, a true luxury especially with this English weather!

Francis Sultana – Valletta Grand Salon

The grand salon in Valletta. Natural light pours into this room and makes every colour shine. It is filled with exquisite pieces from Mattia Bonnetti, Campana Brothers and Oriel Harwood and some of Francis Sultana own pieces.

Francis Sultana – Autumn Design

Francis Sultana – Berkeley Square

Details of the new store on Berkeley Square. The suede lined walls, furniture and fabrics designed by myself and artists like Mattia Bonetti all complimenting the amazing fine jewels.

Francis Sultana – Berkeley London

Francis Sultana – Fine Dining Room

Lovely to meet and have dinner with friends and family in Valletta, missing those nights in that blue Maltese dining room.

Francis Sultana – British Art

This family house in Belgravia needed to be both a place to socialise, as well as being a comfortable family home. The salon features a sofa and gueridon both designed by Francis Sultana, a Gio Ponti green chair from the 1940s, a cabinet by Mattia Bonetti.

Francis Sultana – Optimistic Living Room

A touch of pink and blue adds an overwhelming optimistic mood in this living room. The installation piece is by Franz West and the silver buffet cabinets are by Garouste & Bonetti.

Francis Sultana – Contemporary Art

Many of the room’s decorative elements such as the cushions or Mattia Bonnetti’s flamboyant carpet were conceived by looking skyward. Swipe through to take a closer look!

Francis Sultana – Decadence

Practising interior design with family life in mind is always an interesting process and can be seen in the living room of this Edwardian-era mansion block in London. The gilded metal and glass coffee tables by Mattia Bonetti make a powerful impression and add elegance without sacrificing functionality.

Francis Sultana – Aesthetic Monochromatic

This inspired aesthetic conscientiously blends monochromatic tones and textures, making sure each element works together holistically. A beautiful space that evokes calm and serenity.



To know more about the eponymous bright and colourful upholstery by Francis Sultana, visit their website!


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