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Laura Gonzalez: Upholstery Use In Interior Design

Laura Gonzalez,Top French architect was named Designer of the Year September 2019 by Maison et Objet, one of the Top Events of Europe! It’s now time to introduce this Top Creator!

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Laura Gonzalez: Upholstery

Architect Gonzalez is well-known for working her magic across Paris, and for the past years has been spreading her wings overseas, stamping her “reworked classical” style on a whole host of restaurants, bars, hotels, and stores.  Gonzalez is someone that we see a bit of everywhere lately, realizing projects after projects and flirting with the design magazines. Laura started her career with nightclubs and, today, she’s the creator of half a dozen Cartier shops, the Pierre Hermé bakery, the Occitane concept store, Thiou, la Gare, and many more.

Laura Gonzalez- best interior designers Paris

Laura Gonzalez

The architect, who trained at the Paris-Malaquais School of Architecture, has been applying that mindset with real panache to every single space she has designed since first launching her firm back in 2008.  She has imbued all these projects with her unique style, updating classical references- like the Alcazar- with the generous helping of her rampant yet well-tamed imagination. While designing other spaces from scratch, for example, 86 Champs and the Manko.

Laura Gonzalez


Laura Gonzalez- Upholstery Saint James bedroom. Here we have a bed and a sofa right at the feet of the bed, this room is yellow and greened toned, while the sofa has a poke dot design.

Laura Gonzalez Upholstery- Saint James suite. Here we see a bed, a sofa and an arm chair, yellow toned , we also have a center table with a green vase on top.
Laura Gonzalez

Laura Gonzalez designed Saint James with joyful tones. It has an eclectic style, with a lot of yellows and blue tones.

Homes Society magazine- Laura Gonzalez Upholstery


SIR WINSTON Laura Gonzalez upholstery, yellow bar stools

SIR WISTON Laura Gonzalez caffe corner decorated with colorful, flower decorated arm chairsSir Winston Churchill is located in the heart of Paris. It is an acclaimed British pub, one of Laura’s best designs!



Cartier Zurich, yellow, orange toned interior design by Laura Gonzalez. This image was taken form the Cartier store.

Cartier Store Laura Gonzalez interior design store. Another view of the store, still maintaining the same clean tones
Laura Gonzalez

This fabulous Cartier Store, located in Zurich was designed by Laura Gonzalez. Here, she used more neutral tones, keeping in line with the brand’s image, always showing an elegant design.


trend book- Laura Gonzalez


Marbeuf- Laura Gonzalez interior design projects, with neutral, creamy tones
Laura Gonzalez

Marbeuf presents a very clean, modern interior design. It has mostly a white, beige-colored interior, but also some splashes of gold, giving it a classic look.


100 best interior designer Laura Gonzales



ART DECO- Laura Gonzalez

ART DECO Laura Gonzalez living room with a sofa, an arm chair. it is decorated in neutral tones, but also has some pieces with flower designs
Laura Gonzalez

Art Deco is designed mostly in neutral tones however, it has some spunky sprouts of color and patterns in rugs, pillows, and vases.

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