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Re-vamp interior design is a company based in Berlin. Specializing in promoting high-quality real estate throughout home staging and model apartments as well as full-service furnishing.

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Re-vamp Interior Design: Upholstery Living

In cooperation with owners, brokers, and property developers, they develop innovative, emotional design concepts. Re-vamps team is composed of Justyna Walczak, the creative mind, and Christian Memke, the marketeer. Justyna found her place, studying architecture at the renowned Illinois Institute of Chicago. For Christian, Berlin is his home and inspiration. Having started his career in finance, he later changed to marketing and managed some public figures while working in New York city.



Best interior Designers of MunichRe-vamp Interior Design

In their projects, these designers use the concept of “transformation” as their measure of success. Their goal is “love at first sight”, to arouse emotions, to stimulate (all) the senses and to create WOW moments for potential buyers.

Re-vamp Interior Design

Model apartment with lake view – Berlin Köpenick

musterwohnung mit seeblick - berlin köpenick re-vamp. In this image we have 1 couch and 1 arm chair, a round mirror on the wall and a tiny round center table.

Re-vamp upholstery living. Dinning room, with brown velveted chairs around a square table, a chandelier on top and some plants around the room

This property is situated in Berlin Köpenick. It’s a renovated apartment with a lake view. With an inviting design with warm colors as a representation for all residential units.


ebook luxury houses; re-vamp. upholstery living


Representative model apartment – Berlin Friedrichshain

re-vamp upholstery living in berlin friedrichshain. 2 white reclaimed white chairs with a round glass side table with a paper flower on top.

Re-vamp Interior Design: Upholstery Living im berlin friedrichshain. A living room with 2 white arm chairs, one gray couch, one white rug and a tint round center table on top.

This renovated apartment building in Berlin Friedrichshain is warm, inviting, and with an elegant design.


anual sales; re-vamp: upholstery living


Ku’damm old building renovation – Berlin Charlottenburg

re-vamp: upholstery living; ku'damm altbau renovierung - berlin charlottenburg living room , a blue couch, 4 white dinning chairs around a square tables with flowers on top, one blue center table placed in front of the couch.

re-vamp interior design: ku'damm altbau renovierung - berlin charlottenburg apartment, dinning space, 4 white chairs around a square table with some flowers on top and dinning plates. Modernization of a 100-year-old property into a bright, eclectic designed apartment. The core renovation of a 60 m² Ku’damm old building 2-room apartment.


trend book- re-vamp interior design: upholstery living


Elegant model apartment – Berlin Neukölln

re-vamp interior design: upholstery living: living room decoration with a light colored couch with a blanket on top. a reclaimed green arm chair, a dinning table with 4 dinning chairs around it. it's a neutral colored space with a luxury feeling.

re-vamp; a different view perspective of the previous picture.

Warm, inviting, with a high-end and elegant finish, Berlin Neukölln represents re-vamps stance in interior design.

100 best interior designer re-vamp interior design; upholstery living

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