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Know the Best Fabrics from BRABBU

When we talk about fabrics, we start imagining all the textures, colors and materials that a piece of furniture can have. Today I will present you some of the Best Fabrics from BRABBU to inspire you, in the moment of decorating your own space.

Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU


Inspire Yourself Here

Know the Best Fabrics from BRABBU

An Armchair, a Bar Chair or a Counter Stool, a Sofa… Whatever the Upholstery product and whatever the type of fabric, the customization possibilities at BRABBU are endless.

Know the Best Fabrics from BRABBU

This brand created the Rare Edition where they upgrade the most iconic pieces giving them a new life and a unique experience to everyone who posses them.

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Know the Best Fabrics from BRABBU

Here you can find an ambiance with this Rare Armchair that fits perfectly in a simple decor.

Know the Best Fabrics from BRABBU

A nature-inspired living room set, in order to achieve a touch of modern home decor, the mid-century modern two seater sofa is placed side by side with a copper floor lamp.

This is not the Rare Fabrics, however, if you liked the blue ambiance, I want you to know that BRABBU has a lot of blue products, as you can see.

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Know the Best Fabrics from BRABBU

One choice, one fierce product design. At BRABBU you can customize your own product the way you want, for the color, texture, there are infinite types of upholstery waiting for you.

Know the Best Fabrics from BRABBU

This is another example of how beautiful is the Rare Edition. Another color, to make your ambiance happier and fun. If you want to choose this type of red, I let you some example down below.

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Know the Best Fabrics from BRABBU

With the comfortable sofa making a pair with this armchair, combining with a neutral center table, you can have a perfect living room decor where your guests will feel impressed.

Know the Best Fabrics from BRABBU

There are more examples of how beautiful the Rare Edition is. If you want to have a different fabric in your home, this is the best choice. Having a chair with a pattern more creative and fun, or to have one piece with a pattern more classy and neutral, every piece fits in your home decor.


Know the Best Fabrics from BRABBU

Every person that chooses this type of pieces never regrets. Why? It’s different from the other ones in the market and it makes the difference in the time of shopping. Look how beautiful is this fabric, especially in a white ambiance.

Know the Best Fabrics from BRABBU

If you want to have pieces for the exterior of your house, besides the table from BRABBU too, in every type of upholstery you can choose your own fabric.


Know the Best Fabrics from BRABBU

New trends that appear in the last years was to conjugate fabrics, the neutral ones with different ones. It creates a dynamic ambiance and no one will be tired to be in your home, for sure.

Know the Best Fabrics from BRABBU

The last, but not least, I want to show you some calm decor. Far away from all the ambiances above, you can also have colored but simple armchairs, sofas or chairs. It is just to choose with BRABBU.


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