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Patricia Bustos Studio was formed with a clear mission to create one-of-a-kind, original items that always offer value, with innovation and beauty as its design maxims.

She loves creating, imagining and dreaming up unusual, novel things and this is her obsession: innovation and beauty are the two keystones of her space design.

Patricia Bustos Studio

Patricia Bustos Studio

Her clients desire and love her distinctiveness for their projects, which she combines with her studio creations, which range from shelves to taps and everything in between.

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Patricia Bustos Studio Upholstered Furniture

Patricia Bustos Studio Awards

Interior design projects for private residences, hotels, restaurants, offices, and retail are undertaken by the firm. Its work has been featured in some of the most famous interior design publications, and it won the CasaDecor 2018 awards for “Best Space” and “Most Photographed Space.”

Patricia Bustos Studio: Designer

The interior designer who is enterprising, enthusiastic, and creative, has had a passion for design for as long as she can remember. She blends a business-oriented analytical personality with creative abilities in fashion design, art, and interior design and she considers herself an artist as well as an interior designer because she is a committed painter and furniture craftswoman.

Patricia Bustos Studio Projects

kitchen and dining room by Patricia Bustos Studio with colorful details, golden floor lamp and pink and green chairs
Patricia Bustos Studio

A beautiful, sensuous kitchen that reflects Japan’s exoticism and nature while also evoking the fresh, cool mood of Milan’s avant-garde settings.

kitchen by Patricia Bustos Studio with colorful details, golden floor lamp
Patricia Bustos Studio

This project transforms the traditional and practical, cozy kitchen concept into something more thrilling and poetic, evoking new feelings and experiences in all of us.

dining room by Patricia Bustos Studio with blue chairs and transparent table
Patricia Bustos Studio

Traditional Origami-inspired geometric designs are contrasted with vibrant colors and a fabric collection that transports us to the twenty-first century.

Patricia Bustos Studio Upholstered Furniture
living room by Patricia Bustos Studio with yellow sofa and zebra inspired rug
Patricia Bustos Studio

This luxurious apartment is situated in a 1950s structure with a classic Golden Mile design. Soft, pastel colors take center stage once more, creating a soothing, elegant ambiance in which artwork and lights command all of the focus.

living room by Patricia Bustos Studio with pink tones rug, pink armchair, white armchairs and marble center table
Patricia Bustos Studio

This colorful ambiance has every detail perfectly displayed to make you happier and it is perfect for having friends and family moments.

living room by Patricia Bustos Studio with blue sofa and white sofa, glass center table and white decoracions
Patricia Bustos Studio

This living room has the perfect match of textures and colors to create a luxurious and comfortable experience.

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Living room by Brabbu with blue sofa and golden center tables

In this fancy and modern living room interior design, the living room of your dreams is composed of blue artsy decorations and furniture, such as the magnificent and opulent OREAS Sofa.

Patricia Bustos Studio Upholstered Furniture
living room by Patricia Bustos Studio with white sofa, glass center tables and colorful decorations
Patricia Bustos Studio

Some of the furniture, such as the sofa, bedside tables, and dining-room table, have been influenced by the bold, straight lines seen in the homes.

living room by Patricia Bustos Studio with white sofa, white dining table and colorful decorations
Patricia Bustos Studio

The entire outfit is accented by standout items like rattan Emmanuelle chairs, repurposed glass and silk table lamps, and a portrait from Namsa Leuba’s THE AFRICAN QUEENS series that presides over the sitting area.

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Living room by Brabbu with blue armchairs and golden floor lamp

The modern NIKU Floor Light, which adds elegance and refinement to any room, and the blue INCA Armchair, which fills your modern home décor with a cheerful ambiance, are a combination of modern furniture that makes a distinctive and attractive living room set.

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