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In this article, we will consider Spring Colour Trends for Upholstery and how BRABBU products can elevate your entire space. Most of the time, we tend to prefer bright and positive tones. Colours can create a certain mood and affect the perception of the product, so for its interior, some people want to choose more colourful tones. Others, in turn, want to incorporate calmer tones that provide relaxation. This Spring’s Colour Trend gives us all these options.


Spring Colour Trends for Upholstery

BRABBU was inspired by this colour palette and created some of the newest upholstered products, as we will show you next. All BRABBU products have many options for customizing, so you can choose the best colour for you.

Begonia Dining Chair

SPRING COLOUR TRENDS FOR UPHOLSTERY BY BRABBU Begonia is a beautiful flower from tropical countries. Inspired by Pantone 14-1050 – Marigold, our designers conceived BEGONIA Dining Chair with perfect curves and soft cotton velvet upholstery.

KANSAS II Dining Chair

Spring Colour Trends for Upholstery-KANSAS II Dining Chair

Each spring from 1866 to 1885 cowboys drove from the Texas ranges to railheads in Kansas. Inspired by Pantone 16-1253 – Orange Ochre, our designers conceived KANSAS II Dining Chair, in synthetic leather, which is a tribute to their courage.


BRABBU upholstery Malay chair



Spring Colour Trends for Upholstery-MAREE II Sofa

The Scottish Loch Maree is surrounded by a picturesque mountain with a rugged landscape. Inspired by Pantone 13-0649 – Illuminating, our designers conceived MAREE II Sofa portrays that rough landscape softened by the tufted velvet.

MAASAI 2 Seat Sofa

Spring Colour Trends for Upholstery-MAASAI 2 Seat Sofa

A mid-century modern furniture item that pays tribute to elderly people at MAASAI tribes which are highly respected. Inspired by Pantone 18-4250 – Indigo Bunting, our designers conceived MAASAI 2 Seat Sofa made of blue satin that has the aim to transmit confidence for the next day.

DUKONO Counter Stool

Spring Colour Trends for Upholstery-DUKONO Counter StoolAs one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, Dukono embodies an unpredictable strength. Inspired by Pantone 13-5412 – Beach Glass, our designers conceived DUKONO Counter Stool, upholstered in velvet to fill the room with its strong attitude.

BRABBU New Product Design


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