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Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019

Wallpaper Trends 2019 is incredibly original. With such a variety of colours, patterns, prints you can quickly and easily create an exclusive, eye-catching interior design. Wallpaper makes any space look cosier and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. You can also use wallpapers to define different zones within one space. Furthermore, with the use of wallpapers, you can visually expand the space.


Although interior design trends change very quickly, it is important to know about current tendencies to create fresh, up-to-date looking interiors. In today’s post, we have partnered up with Wallpaper from the 70s to talk about what’s hot on the wallpaper market.

How to combine wallpapers in 2019

Most professional designers are inclined to think that in order to create an interesting and original design it is necessary to combine different wallpapers. Thanks to this technique, you can divide the space into zones, create accents, adjust the proportions of the room.

Combining several types of finishes, it is important to remember that they should be approximately equal in thickness, of similar texture and quality, in harmony with each other in colour and ornament.

Trendy combos of 2-4 types of wallpaper

A variety of fresh collections allows designers to implement the most daring ideas. Choosing the finish for the walls you can experiment not only with colours but also with textures.

The most interesting win-win options are:

Combining several shades of the same colour (considered a classic).

Wallpaper Trends 2019 wallpaper trends 2019 Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019 image1 4
Wallpaper Trends – Nemesis Wallpaper

The combination of monochrome canvases with a pattern makes it possible to highlight the feature wall (behind the headboard in the bedroom, a TV wall in the living room, a dining area in the kitchen).


The combination of different textures and colours is a bold and bright decision. For example, flower prints and stripes, or abstract pattern with a mono-colour background always look organically and eye-catching.

Wallpaper Trends -  wallpaper trends 2019 Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019 image3
Wallpaper Trends – Sinon Wallpaper

What colours of wallpaper will be in vogue in 2019

Wallpaper trends in 2019 call for experiments. The hottest colours will be:

  • Turquoise and mint. They give freshness to the interior, and according to psychologists, these colours are able to relieve stress and turn a person into a peaceful mood.
Wallpaper Trends -  wallpaper trends 2019 Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019 image2 1
Wallpaper Trends – Methok Wallpaper
  • Honeysuckle. Saturated rose-red can become an expressive accent, it improves the mood and enlivens the room.
Wallpaper Trends -  wallpaper trends 2019 Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019 image5
Wallpaper Trends – Kewan Wallpaper
  • Mustard. Remains relevant for the second year in a row, ideal for creating comfort and warmth. It is often used in the kitchen, as it awakens the appetite.
Wallpaper Trends -  wallpaper trends 2019 Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019 image4
Wallpaper Trends – Nala Wallpaper
  • Marsala. Deep burgundy in combination with neutral light tones gives the room stern and solid notes.
Wallpaper Trends -  wallpaper trends 2019 Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019 image7
Wallpaper Trends – Opoga Wallpaper
  • Gold. Bright and extravagant tones that will help create a positive attitude.
Wallpaper Trends -  wallpaper trends 2019 Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019 image6 736x1024
Wallpaper Trends – Persephone Wallpaper
  • Natural. More and more people are striving for reuniting with nature. Textures and colours simulating natural materials will be in the new season at the peak of popularity.
Wallpaper Trends -  wallpaper trends 2019 Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019 image9c
Wallpaper Trends – Rattan Chalked Wallpaper

Popular wallpaper styles in 2019

Generally, new wallpapers can be divided into these popular interior styles:


Retro. Wallpapers from the 1970s have a huge comeback right now. Designers experiment with vintage patterns and colours to create new interpretations of familiar designs.

Wallpaper Trends -  wallpaper trends 2019 Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019 image8
Wallpaper Trends – Dana Wallpaper

Scandinavian. Involves the use of a cosy, warm “knitted” textiles and designers have transferred this trend to the walls. Imitating large knitting from natural yarn, the fabrics perfectly complement the Nordic style and give the effect of warmth and comfort.

Glamorous. Images of jewellery, large fantastic flowers, and other bright objects will cheer up even the most boring interior, and fill it with chic and glitter. In this style, the wallpaper should be used as an accent.

Wallpaper Trends -  wallpaper trends 2019 Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019 image12
Wallpaper Trends – Cassiopeia Wallpaper

Baroque: timeless classics have a new look due to the use of modern materials. Textured vinyl with natural ornaments and gilding, imitation of textiles with embroidery, and other classic motifs made in a new way look impressive.

Wallpaper Trends -  wallpaper trends 2019 Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019 image10
Wallpaper Trends – Perun Wallpaper

Loft. The new collections that imitate aged brickwork, stone, concrete, wood and boards, animal skins will help to decorate the premises in one of the most trendy styles.

Wallpaper Trends -  wallpaper trends 2019 Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019 image11
Wallpaper Trends – Stones Wallpaper

Ethno. Images repeating a quilt, the texture of marble, stone or leather will look spectacular in rooms with Egyptian, Moroccan or African spirit.

Wallpaper Trends -  wallpaper trends 2019 Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019 image13
Wallpaper Trends – Kassandra Wallpaper

Tropical. Palm trees, banana leaves, and other lush tropical vegetation together with flamingos and parrots continue to be in vogue this year.

Wallpaper Trends -  wallpaper trends 2019 Wallpaper Trends For All Year 2019 image14
Wallpaper Trends 2019 – Emiane Wallpaper

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