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Mokka Design – Best Upholstery Fabrics

Mokka Design is a multi-award winner interior design company based in London, they work really close with every client so they can understand their needs and create the best designs possible.

Best Upholstery Fabrics from Mokka Design

The goal of Mokka Design is to provide a completely customised client experience that puts the distinct lifestyle, taste, and needs of each client first. Every project is tackled with a love of design and a concept that is special to the customer, extremely individualised, and suited to their design vision.

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Best Upholstery Fabrics – Mokka Design

Mokka Design expertly creates exciting, upbeat interiors that are precisely adapted to their client’s needs for contemporary living without following any particular formula or style.

Mokka Design

Family Home London

Mokka Design upholstery fabrics living room
Mokka Design

The living room is the heart of the house if we want to have a good design we cannot leave aside this part of the house! I hope you get inspired by this project from Mokka Design.

Mokka Design upholstery fabrics living room
Mokka Design

The challenge for this house would be to make this house beautiful and practical for a family, completely customised and full of personal details.

Mokka Design upholstery fabrics living room
Mokka Design

From the beginning to the end of the process Mokka Design is concerned with giving the client everything he needs and the best quality, also in products from lamps to upholstery fabrics.

Architectural House

Mokka Design upholstery fabrics living room
Mokka Design

When furnishing a living room, we should look for something beautiful, comfortable, practical, and livable, like this one from Mokka Design, with this neutral Rug makes everything warm and modern.

Mokka Design upholstery fabrics living room
Mokka Design

Every single detail they think about it, they combine every single element of the design so everything keeps perfect, it’s a fantastic inspiration!

Mokka Design upholstery fabrics living room
Mokka Design

This neutral-toned living room makes everything really modern and enjoyable!

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