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Philippe Starck: Best Projects With Upholstered Furniture

Born in Paris, Philippe Starck is considered one of the leading exponents of European design, as well as being known as an architect. As such, he carries out the designs of various installations around the world.


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Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck was discovered by the general public when chosen to decorate the private residence at the Elysée Palace. After his success, his international fame was confirmed with another victory, the triumph of the Café Costes, a new venue that was both functional and elegant, that contained all the essence of Starck architecture while converging with the birth and blossoming of a community. His reinvention of the codes of the Parisian cafe made it the cafe par excellence.

Philippe Starck Agency

When developing new work, the designer always has a belief in mind “If there is no human, social or loving vision, a project has no legitimacy to exist”.

Philippe Starck Interiors’ Project

Philippe Starck began reinterpreting the standards of Parisian luxury with verve and fantasy, incorporating a poetic element into his designs. He also gave his work a sense of mystery and humanity. The goal is for people to enjoy spending time with Starck’s inventions.

SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills

Best Upholstery Projects by Philippe Starck. Reading Corner at Beverly Hills Hotel.

Starck’s ingenious innovations for SLS promise to surprise, soothe, excite and enchant, while representing an important evolution for the celebrated designer.

Get the look

Get the look


Cidade Matarazzon, São Paulo

Best Upholstery Projects by Philippe Starck. Neutral Living Room at São Paulo.

The project represents an unparalleled leap in both originality and quality, with Starck, as artistic director, presented with the challenge of defying pre-existing luxury and elegant criteria.

S Hotel, Taipei

Best Upholstery Projects by Philippe Starck. Living Room at Taipei.

Philippe Starck’s interior design is envisioned as a link between tradition and modernity. Starck designed a one-of-a-kind and bespoke ambience that welcomes guests by blending indigenous Taiwanese humanistic traits as well as modern, elegant design.

Kong Terrace, Paris

Best Upholstery Projects by Philippe Starck. Living Room at Paris.

Philippe Starck, who has guided this amazing trip towards the sky, has revealed all of his courage and excess in this project open to the sky.

Get the Look

Get the Look

L’Avenue at Saks, New York

Best Upholstery Projects by Philippe Starck. Living Room at New York.

“L’Avenue at Saks is elegance, sophistication, femininity and timelessness.” Philippe Starck

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