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Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture Ideas For Your Living Room 

Dodson Interiors is a Houston-based interior design firm. It was founded in 2002 by Julie Dodson Webster, the daughter of the renowned designer Trisha Dodson. Her projects will provide us with plenty of upholstered furniture ideas to decorate a living room.

Upholstered Furniture Inspiration From Dodson Interiors

Julie received her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from The University of Mississippi before returning home to Houston, where she continued to hone her skills by working with a number of the area’s premier design firms. In 2002 she founded Dodson Interiors, forming what quickly became one of the city’s most sought-after design firms.

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The Best Interior Designers Of Houston Book; Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered Furniture Inspiration by Dodson Interiors

Julie has refined her effortlessly chic approach to design over the last 18 years, amassing a portfolio that celebrates a harmonious balance of Hollywood Glam and fresh French style. Julie was named a ‘Young Designer to Watch’ by Traditional Home and a ‘Star on the Rise’ by Houston Design Center for her innovative approach and one-of-a-kind client experience.

Dodson Interiors’ Living Room Projects To Get Ideas For Your Home

Whether you’re remodeling or building new, her skilled team creates technical drawings, chooses finishes and fixtures, creates space plans, and sources all furnishings and custom window treatments. They then handle every aspect of procurement and installation, ensuring a worry-free experience and that your home is an eloquent reflection of you and your unique story.
They provide full-service interior design services to homeowners throughout Texas and beyond, collaborating with premier architects, builders, and custom craftsmen.


Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture. A wide living room with different types of Upholstered Furniture, there are two 3-seat sofas, and two single sofas in a different pattern.
Dodson Interiors

The many colors in this living room draw one’s attention. The light-colored sofas are brought to life by the various colored pillows that are placed on them. The two single sofas on display add some joy to the room with their lively patterns.

Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture. A bright living room, with two types of Upholstered Furniture, two single sofas, and an ottoman.
Dodson Interiors

The pattern on these single sofas conveys a relaxing feeling. The ottoman adds to the overall look.

Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture. A New Collection Of Sofas With A Modern Feel; Upholstered Furniture


Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture. A white living room, showing white Upholstered Furniture, sofas and a chaise longue, and a gray ottoman.
Dodson Interiors

The white sofas in this living room are understated. The chaise longue and ottoman add a touch of elegance to the design.

Inspired by the look

Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture. Living Room Upholstered Furniture by BRABBU

Inspired by the look

Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture. This small living room Upholstered Furniture is composed by two single sofas and a white ottoman.
Dodson Interiors

White dominates this small living room area. The gray portion of the sofas gives them a distinct appearance, but the round shape of the ottoman draws the attention of everyone in the room.


Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture. In this living room we can see multiple Upholstered Furniture, a sofa, two single sofas and two armchairs.
Dodson Interiors

The contrast between light and dark colors is the highlight of this room. The dark curtains and wood beams stand out against the white walls. In terms of upholstered furniture, white sofas have darker pillows, while dark armchairs have a white pillow.

Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture. The Upholstered Furniture present in this living room is a chaise longue and three white sofas.
Dodson Interiors

The chaise longue adds a classy touch to this living room, which is mostly decorated in light colors.

Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture. The Collected Living Rooms Book; Upholstered Furniture


Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture. This is a corner of a living room, near the fireplace we have Upholstered Furniture: a single sofa with a flower pattern, and a small ottoman in a blueish pattern.
Dodson Interiors

This is a really sweet scenario. The flower pattern single sofa exudes such positive energy, and the green pillow adds stress-relieving relaxing energy to the living room.
The look is completed by a white ottoman with a blue pattern.

Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture. This is a white sofa with a green pillow and another one, but in white and red.
Dodson Interiors

This living room is built on the same foundation as the others. The bright colors take precedence over the scenario. It’s brought to life by the ottomans and pillows.


Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture. A beautiful armchair on the entryway of the living room. Inside we have a white sofa and a gray armchair.
Dodson Interiors

This interior has a gray color scheme. There is a white sofa and gray armchairs in the room.

Dodson Interiors: Upholstered Furniture. We can see a sofa, an armchair and an ottoman, all matching each other bright colors.
Dodson Interiors

This room is dominated by bright colors, the different patterns on the armchairs and pillows give it a more vibrant appearance.

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